XBMC Remote Control

This Windows Phone 7 application lets you remotely control you [XBMC Media Center]( from your phone. Connect your media center to your television and enjoy your favorite series from your couch with this app as a remote control. If you only want to play music, you don’t even have to switch on your TV, you can do everything from this remote. Here is a list of the most important features:
- Connect to multiple XBMC-powered devices - Browse Music, Movies, TV Show and Picture library - Remote Control for navigation, now playing, picture browsing and zooming, volume, music, … - Update libraries - Switch subtitles - Available in English, Spanish and Dutch - Trial mode (all functionality but only a small part of the media items are loaded) - Customizable Start page with animated tiles - Pin media to the start page and move and reorder them - XBMC statistics: check what your CPU is doing from your phone, monitor RAM usage, … - Folder view for Music and Video - View recently added items - Search items in all libraries with autocomplete - Media information for the now playing item - Show the On-Screen-Display (OSD)
I hope you enjoy this app and your XBMC Media Center. If you have any requests, please let me know. I’m always working on new features and improvements.
![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)> “Best remote for xbmc I’ve found so far. Bought it without any doubt.”
![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)> “Very nice v2.0. Great use of the Metro look!”
![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)> “Very nice and a great first release. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!”
![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)> “Works as advertised. Handy couch tool!”
![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)![](/img/star.png)> “YES!”
[Download for Windows Phone](