First post

Hello all,

This is my very first post on my brand new website.
After a long time I finally decided to open up my personal website.

With this website I want to show the projects I’m working on to the world and let everybody know what services I can provide.

Apart from that I will also write technical articles and opinions about the tools and technologies that I’m working with.

These are all of course my own opinions and I’m sure that not everybody will agree with them, but that’s exactly what I want for this blog. Not only would I like my readers to learn something, I would really like to get some feedback about the ideas and opinions I have.

At the moment there’s not a lot of content available but I’m planning a few series about .NET and jQuery and some of the tools that I find indispensable when developing.

So, in short, I hope you like this website and if you have any suggestions, just shoot.

Kenneth Truyers
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